Side-Wrap Capping Machine
Product Introduction
KWT-130 serials are able to tighten trigger cap, pump cap, spray pump cap and regular cap. The operator places cap onto the container, the capping rollers handle the torque action automatically.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel frame.
  • PLC controlled with touch screen panel, easy access to all settings.
  • Capping roller is driven by servo motor.
  • Capping torque is set in the control panel.
  • Option-equipped with vibratory or waterfall cap sorter for flat plastic caps.
  • Fast and simple changeover.
  • 50 products can be stored in memory for recall.
  • Bottle height: 120mm-350mm
  • Bottle width (diameter): 50mm-150mm
  • Capacity: ~ 40 BPM.
  • Safety guard
  • Cap hopper & elevator
  • Inspection: missing cap / cock cap / missing foil liners