Linear Bottle Unscrambler
Product Introduction

Bottle are loaded into the hopper, and supplied to the centrifugal disc through an elevator. In the disc, bottles are directed into the orientation area.
Bottles are delivered one by one, and the Bottle Orientating Hook grabs the neck of the bottles for correcting position.
After that, the upright bottles are stabilized and released on the bottle exit conveyor. The KWT-101A bottle unscrambler is designed to handle a wide range of plastic bottles. All mechanical adjustments are equipped with numeric counter for easy and repeatable changes.

  • Capable of handling cylinders, squares and rectangles.
  • PLC controlled with touch screen panel, easy access to all settings.
  • Fast and easy format changes.
  • Stainless steel and plastic for bottle contacts.
  • Operational simplicity – no specialized personnel needed.
  • Brand name components used.
  • Capacity: Up to 80 BPM