Filling Range

250ML -5L




≦40 pcs/min

Automatic production line for labeling, filling, capping and induction sealing of lubricant oil. C serials are spiral pump filling machine capable of filling water thin liquids to semi-viscous liquids at the speed of up 40 pcs/min. The line is easy and fast changeover to another product (in less than 30 min)

Key Features

  • This type of spiral pump is best suited for lubricant oil.
  • Robust construction in stainless steel.
  • Mitsubishi PLC controlled with touch screen panel.
  • Easy adjusting hand wheels for quick changeover.
  • 50 job memory for easy set-up and recall. 
  • Neck grabber for different sizes of container.
  • Capable capping type: plastic screw cap.
  • Manual or automatic feeding of cap.
  • Auto Pick & Place device is designed to handle most cap types, and driven by servo motor.
  • Capping chuck with servo drive for adjustable torque values.
  • Labeling – automatic labeling machine to label flat containers (front / back).


  1. Filling Machine
    • Safety Guard
    • Nozzle up & down action driven by servo motor
    • Filling nozzle (Dia. 25.4mm) for big neck
    • Liquid feeding pump.
    • Conveyor upgrade
    • Bottle feeding table
  2. Capping Machine
    • Safety Guard
    • Cap hopper & elevator
    • Vibrator bowl, cap chute, gripper and chuck for different size of cap
    • Conveyor upgrade
    • Inspection: missing cap / cock cap / missing foil liners
  3. Labeling Machine
    • Angle adjustment of labeling head
    • Coding system: hot stamp or thermal-transfer printer
    • Missing Label detector
    • Conveyor upgrade
    • Accumulation turn table


Nozzles Up to 8 pcs
Fill Volume Range 250ml-5L
Filling Pump Spiral Pump
Nozzle Size Dia. 19mm (Standard) 
Container Thickness Range 40mm-150mm
Container Length Range 50mm-200mm
Container Height Range 140-350mm
Capping Machine 151 / 151AS
Number of Capping Chuck 1 capping chuck 
Label Type Pressure Sensitive Label 
Label Size 20-220mm in height, 20-250mm in length
Label Roll Size I.D. 76 mm
O.D. 350 mm (Max.) 
Conveyor Width 82.5 , 114 , 152mm
Conveyor Length  14,500mm